It’s that time of year again- the season of love! Valentine’s Day is not an official holiday, but one celebrated by people across Atlanta and the country. It’s the day for couples to celebrate their romance and love for one another. It’s a romantic day all around Atlanta.

Sweet Treats for a Sweet Lady

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If you want to ensure the nookie later in the day, arrange cookie delivery atlanta earlier in the day. Every lady loves sweet treats, especially on V-Day! She’ll love getting a dozen of her favorite cookies at work or other locations. A romantic card or stuffed teddy bear adds a few heartfelt thumbs to deliver.

Dinner at a Nice Restaurant

You can eat at McDonald’s a night of the week.  Tonight, take her to the finest restaurant in town (that your budget will allow, of course.) She’ll appreciate the meal and the time together with her favorite person in the world.

Love Notes

Leave little notes of love for her throughout the house and her personal belongings. Today is all about being as lovey-dovey as you possibly can. Maybe start her day with a batch of freshly-prepared heart-shaped pancakes, too?

Candles Win Over Her Heart

Ladies love candles. The more pleasant the scene, the ore she’ll love the candle. Choose a candle in her favorite scent and light it up well before she is to arrive home. The delightful smell will instantly send her heart into bliss.

Cook Her Dinner

Not every man can pull off dinner for his lady, but if you have that skill in the kitchen, show off your stuff, big guy. Dinner at a restaurant is nice, but nothing makes her heart melt faster than her SO cooking a meal for her!